Understanding our unique concepts will help you to build trust with your herd and manage them in a more efficient way. Learn more about the “Nothing in the Hands” technique.


Whether you’re a new or an experienced cattleman, learning the specific stockmanship techniques used in CreatingConnections will result in improved animal health, as well as contribute to a safer environment for both cattle and their caregivers. You might even find that by implementing the techniques, fewer caregivers will be needed to move or load cattle. The best part is a more enjoyable experience for all involved. And, for the many cattlemen who also use horses, we’ve included horsemanship videos as well.

CreatingConnections offers additional resources for specific types of cattle — cow-calf, stocker, feedlot, and dairy. Visit the Production Systems section to learn more.


Strengthen Your Techniques

The Old Language — The Basics of Stockmanship

This video is the foundation of low-stress cattle handling. Over untold generations, the art of stockmanship has developed its own language: silent, subtle and based on the animal’s natural habits and instincts. Applied to cattle handling, it has a direct and positive effect on the animal’s behavior and overall well-being. The handling of cattle — how we communicate with them — is important to cattle health.