Production Systems

Calm cattle are easier to handle, easier to diagnose, and easier to manage. Continue in your efforts toward improvement in cattle production. CreatingConnectionsTM offers resources for all types of cattle farmers – cow-calf, stocker, feedlot and dairy. You’ll find those resources here. To learn the specific stockmanship techniques that are foundational to CreatingConnections and how to apply to all cattle, visit the Techniques section of this website.


Cow-Calf Operations

This is where it all starts. Everything you do to your cattle at this stage will impact the other segments in the cattle industry. Explore our modules to improve and strengthen your management skills.



After weaning, youngstock are vulnerable in their new environment. These animals can be sensitive, scared, and stressed, making them more receptive to illness. Providing them with guidance through low-stress cattle handling helps them to adapt to new environments.



Feed, water, and good facilities are not enough. Cattle must be comfortable in these environments and need to trust their handlers to perform their best. At this stage in cattle production, improving well-being is possible and easy to do as long as you use the right concepts. We invite you to take this journey.


Dairy Operations

Providing the best possible care for dairy animals helps achieve maximum herd health, performance and productivity. This series provides best management practices for animal handling, herd health, and other topics related to animal care on dairy farms.

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