After weaning, youngstock are vulnerable in their new environment. These animals can be sensitive, scared, and stressed, making them more receptive to illness. Providing them with guidance through low-stress cattle handling helps them to adapt to new environments.


Acclimating stocker cattle to their new surroundings and giving them the best possible start helps keep them grazing and growing, and reduces the chances of them getting sick. Cattle fighting disease seek shade – instead of grass – plus there is the added costs and time of having to gather up stocker cattle and re-run them through the chute. These modules will help you ensure your cattle don’t look back when turned out on pasture.


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Yard Weaning – A seamless transition

Yard Weaning is a technique used mainly in Australia. This is a better way to wean calves offering guidance and training to them. We are proud to bring this innovative approach to you.
Watch hands on lessons and see the change of cattle behavior from morning to afternoon. Throughout the day the animals’ gain trust and confidence with their handlers. Follow Dr Loureiro learning from Dr Sullivan the concepts of yard weaning.